Go greener and save some too: 7 reasons CO2 is a better extrusion foaming agent

May 10, 2017 5:04:58 PM | Carbon dioxide,Foaming

Still using hydrocarbons or other petrochemicals in your extrusion foaming process to make food packaging and..

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Why use LNG for Backup Supply at a Power Plant?

Apr 6, 2017 11:23:51 AM | LNG

Electricity is the magic elixir that keeps modern society constantly powered. It is transformed from various energy..

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Go Fish: Why oxygen needs to be your top aquaculture priority

Mar 17, 2017 3:09:51 PM | Food Chilling & Freezing,Aquaculture,Oxygen

As global seafood consumption continues to rise, numbers of wild-caught fish have remained flat. The sourcing of..

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Why better leak detection is crucial for modified atmosphere food packaging

You’ve worked hard to source the highest quality ingredients. You’ve taken extra steps to deliver the freshest food..

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How fresh foods stay cool: Hint -- it may be by freezing them!

Jan 13, 2017 4:00:53 PM | Food Chilling & Freezing


Is fresh better than frozen? Consumers these days think so.

The trend, about a decade into the making, is driving..

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How better mixer chilling helps you maintain quality and consistency

Dec 20, 2016 4:41:53 PM | Food Chilling & Freezing

Mixing, blending, chopping, grinding:  essential steps in food preparation. But what can a processor do to beat the..

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Happy Holidays, Happy Holidays – thanks to some amazing gases!

It’s the holiday season again! And around the world, as people light their trees and candles to celebrate with..

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How does your Thanksgiving food get processed? A behind-the-scenes look.

Nov 22, 2016 4:18:04 PM | Food Chilling & Freezing

Getting ready for the big day?

Most Americans are preparing to celebrate our nation's history with the  traditional..

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4 fun facts you need to know about balloons and making them lift (hint: It's all about the gases!)

Nov 18, 2016 3:45:59 PM | Industrial Gases


When you hear the word 'balloon', what image comes to mind?

Probably party balloons – maybe the kind you blow up..

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