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Bakery manufacturers know that controlling dough temperature in the mixer is one of the principal challenges in bakery operations. Bakers have traditionally used a variety of cooling techniques, each of which can result in inconsistencies in dry ingredient temperatures and variances in dough quality from batch to batch.


However, Linde has developed a Dry Ingredient Chilling System that chills flour (or other dry ingredient) in the transfer line, using cryogenic liquid in conjunction with a conventional pneumatic conveying system to instantly cool the dry ingredient to a predetermined ideal temperature while it is conveyed to the mixer.


Linde’s Dry Ingredient Chilling System can help a bakery manufacturer:

  • Save processing time and improve efficiency.
  • Creates repeatable batch-to-batch dough quality.
  • Waste less dough.


Linde has written a white paper that:

  • Delves into the details of how the dry ingredient chilling system works.
  • Identifies the doughs that are best suited to dry ingredient chilling.
  • Describes the process of using liquid cryogenic gases with both pressure and vacuum pneumatic systems.


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