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In August 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued an update to its 2012 New Source Performance Standards for oil/gas transportation companies, terminal operators, and oil/gas storage companies who have tanks each emitting more than 6 tons of VOCs each year.


An oil or gas operation that is currently emitting 6 or more tons of VOCs per tank each year must act quickly to comply with the EPA’s updated regulation. Cryogenic Condensation or Cryocondensation is one of the possible solutions that that can help with this compliance.


Cryocondensation can:


  • Significantly reduce VOC emissions
  • Recover and re-route VOCs emitted 
  • Be a low-cost solution if reusing vaporized nitrogen
  • Increase production safety


To find out whether cryocondensation might be the right solution for your operations, download this white paper, Solutions to Contain VOC Emissions and Comply with Evolving EPA Regulations.


Download the white paper:
"Solutions to Contain VOC Emissions and Comply with Evolving EPA Regulations"