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Industrial Gases

Bottoms Up. For more repeatable and efficient protein mixer-chilling and forming.

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High-efficiency cryogenic chilling, with injection through the bottom of mixer/blenders prior to forming and packaging operations may:

  • Reduce cycle times 
  • Improve process repeatability 
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase throughput

Learn how one Linde customer benefitted from a new Advanced ACCU-CHILL® bottom-injection (BI) system.  The carefully engineered system cut chilling times on an existing ground meat mixer by 50% and significantly reduced “cost to chill.” 

Linde can install high-efficiency systems on your new or existing mixers/blenders/extruders utilizing either carbon dioxide (CO2) or liquid nitrogen.  Linde's engineering expertise can make the difference even on BI systems just a few years old.

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