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We hope to meet you at POWDERMET2017, held June 13-16th at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.   You can find us at booth #320, take a Virtual Reality Tour through one of Linde’s Air Separation Units, and see the new ADDvance™ O2 precision, a precision atmosphere control device.


Consider joinin us on Thursday morning June 15th at Technical Session #14 – Furnace Atmosphere Control.  

  • 8:00 am –  Carbon Control: PM Industry Challenges and Practical Solutions in Sintering Process.   Akin Malas will walk you through a better way to control hydrocarbons that significantly improves the quality and consistency of parts, especially with automotive and aerospace applications.

  • 8:50 am - Protection of Sintering Furnace Equipment against Corrosion and Carburization.  We will showcase how to avoid high-temperature corrosion and carburization on parts and equipment, so that productivity can be maximized.

  • @ AMPM 11:15 a.m. Room Renior - “Nitrogen Atmosphere Effect on 316L Parts Built by Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process” Camille Pauzon will present research comparing the properties of parts built from 316L in atmospheres of nitrogen and argon gases at different purity levels.

Learn more about the technical program here.


Interested in Additive Manufacturing?  Visit our booth to learn about our full range of products, services and we will showcase the new ADDvanceTM O2 precision atmosphere control unit used in the research above and designed for additive manufacturing.


Not able to attend the show, but still want more information on our solutions to the metals industry?  Visit our blog "How to protect your sintering furnace against corrosion"  or our website at lindeus.com/heattreat.


You can also fill out the form below if you want to make an appointment at the show, and we will get back to you immediately or download our comprehensive expert series  paper on sintering steel powders.


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