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Industrial Gases

Traditionally, manufacturers have used nitrogen as the gas of choice in Gas Assist Injection Molding (GAIM) – a process used to create hollow plastic parts with thick but homogeneous walls, such as automobile handles or furniture. But Linde has invented a process in which nitrogen is replaced with carbon dioxide (CO2), greatly reducing cycle times. Cooling cycles can often be reduced by more than 50% compared to cycles using nitrogen and overall cycles can often be reduced by 20% - 50%. The cooling effect of high pressure CO2 is comparable to that of water in Water Assist Injection Molding (WAIM), without many of the difficulties inherent to WAIM.


Using CO2 in place of nitrogen in GAIM offers two concrete benefits to a manufacturer:

  • It results in substantial savings in the cost of molded parts.
  • It creates additional molding capacity for very little capital cost.


Linde_US_PDF_iconLinde has written a white paper that:

  • Delves into the details of how the new CO2 GAIM process works.
  • Identifies the parts that are amenable to CO2 GAIM.
  • Describes the testing process and compares CO2 GAIM to nitrogen-based GAIM and Water Assist Injection Molding.


Download our white paper and learn how you can reduce cycle time in gas assist injection molding by up to 50%.

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